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What makes Share the Plane different from other Aircraft sites?

We are not brokers; our site identifies aircraft based on your location.  We only offer listings for hourly, leased or fractional ownership putting the owner and buyer in contact with each other. (BACK TO TOP)

What is Share the Plane's regional approach?

We find aircraft that is based where you are based.  The aircraft you contract for is the only aircraft you will have access to. (BACK TO TOP)

Does Share the Plane charter aircraft?

No, we are not an aircraft service and do not offer any flights. (BACK TO TOP)

Is Share the Plane a broker?

No, we are not brokers but rather a listing service to facilitate the purchase of hourly, leased or fractional ownership of aircraft. (BACK TO TOP)

What is Share the Plane's involvement in the transaction between seller and buyer?

We merely serve as an "introduction" point.  Our site is a listings portal for aircraft enthusiasts; fractional, hourly and leased sellers and buyers alike. (BACK TO TOP)

What is fractional ownership?

The purchase of a share of an aircraft and the corresponding annual hours of use.

What are the advantages of fractional ownership?

Luxury & convenience only private air travel can provide without the expense of 100% ownership.

Tax benefits and depreciation advantages similar to those received by full aircraft owners. (BACK TO TOP)

What hourly/leased options are available?

One-time basis for a specified number of hours or purchase a large number of hours in advance for a fixed hourly rate. (BACK TO TOP)

Who can place a listing on Share the Plane's site?

Owners of aircraft or their agents. (BACK TO TOP)

How do I list my aircraft with Share the Plane?

Enter your contact information (with company logo if wanted) in our brief registration form.  Then begin creating your listing by entering the specifications for your aircraft in the fields provided. (BACK TO TOP)

How many images can I upload with my listing?

A basic listing allows for the upload of six images. (BACK TO TOP)

How do I contact the lister?

The contact information for the lister is on the left hand side of the listing page and at the bottom of the listing page.   There are a number of options available:  fill out a Contact Seller form, call the seller, forward the listing to someone else and print the listing.